March 28, 2013

Guest Post by Sophie {My Sister}

In case you ever wondered if I was the only one in my family with a flare for decorating and an interest in DIY, I am so happy to announce that I am not! It runs in my family!
You may remember a previous guest post from my baby sister Janelle {who is SO NOT a baby} who shared a DIY decorating project:
This is Janelle...
And this was her project! Pretty!
I often give heck to my sisters and friends when they decorate their homes or finish projects and they don't take before pictures! A  few weeks ago, my sister Sophie invited me over to help with a paint color selection. When I saw what she had done and was going to do in her main bathroom, I asked if she had taken before pictures. Although she hadn't, she still had pictures of how her home looked when she moved in, courtesy of the realtor's website ( She was another brave soul who decided to undergo some major and minor changes before moving into her home. Most of it was painting {and a lot of it, including her kitchen cabinets} but a major change was replacing most of the flooring on the main floor to a gorgeous chocolate-grey hardwood. They also changed the picture window in the living room {which used to be a bay window} as well as the front door. I absolutely love her selection for both! The detail in the window is classic and the stain glass in the door is just beautiful! So, while Sophie is still plugging away at her bathroom revamp, I will share Before and Afters of the rest of her home! Here are the pics!
This is Sophie:
And this is her home:
The Befores And Afters
Kitchen Before:
Kitchen After:
A gorgeous secondhand hutch she is looking to refinish:
Dining Room Before:
Dining Room After:
{You can really see the gorgeous hard wood floor is these pics!}
Living Room Before:
Living Room After:
Entrance Before:
Entrance After:
What a difference! Her kitchen, dining room and living room are all painted in warm neutral tones and bright reds are used as accent colors in all three spaces. When your main floor has such an open feel, it is best to use the same accent color throughout, especially if you LOVE red as Sophie does.
This is the space she is currently working on: the master bathroom.
I will return with AFTER pics once the project is complete.
Don't you just LOVE before and after pictures? I do!


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