March 4, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

It may not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but I am cheap. No no, let me rephrase that: I am frugal, thrifty, imaginative and resourceful! When it comes to decorating a small space such as the powder room, I am happy to use my resourcefulness to come up with easy and inexpensive decor.
The powder room has seen a few changes in the last year. It started off as this:
Then it received an energy-infused splash of watermelon paint and a new energy-efficient window:
The floor was replaced, beautiful casings, trim and a new door were installed to finish the renovation.
My  lovely mother made a beautiful faux-roman shade using this gorgeous fabric  with tones of cream, watermelon and tangerine to set the color scheme.
Well, that was last fall and the washroom has seen no further progress since: the walls were bare.
In December, I found a set of blank  greeting cards that had a dainty almost lace-like cut-out detail in bright colors and thought I could make a pretty grouping with them. At first, I quickly hung them on the wall with clear tape as I wanted to add a bit more color in the space in time for our Christmas day family dinner. Although it was pretty and colorful, it was very flat and one-dimensional. I was thinking of different hanging options like affixing them to a canvas or hanging them in individual frames to give the grouping more dimension. I went hunting through my unused decorating items and found a pair of 4-picture glass frames from IKEA. I did a quick switch between what was previously in the frames for my colourful cards and hung them on the wall in an asymmetrical way:
TOTAL COST: about 9$ for the package of cards, 0$ for frames as I already owned them. Prefect!
Next was finding a mirror solution as every washroom needs a mirror. Now I love the gorgeous and detailed mirrors found everywhere these days, such as these lovelies:
Their price tags, however, don't work with my frugalness. I had to come up with a solution to DIY a larger mirror with a dollar store price tag. I was then inspired by Pinterest and these pins:
The above pin stated to cut-out a desired shape out of wood and hang  a canvas directly on the shape. 
Whereas as this pin instructed to paint a shape directly on the wall and hang a shelf above it for a trompe l'oeil effect.
I LOVE all of these effects but for now, I purchased 4 simple mirrors at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each and have hung them as a grouping to create the look of a larger mirror. For the time being, I am leaving as is until I decide which trompe l'oeil effect to commit to.

TOTAL COST: less than 6$! Sweet!
That is 15$ over the span of a few months to decorate a space! I still have a few projects in mind to complete this tiny jewel of a space:
1. Decorate and hang a lampshade to cover that awful "boob" light fixture:
I want to remove the glass and hang a drum shade over the entire fixture; I plan to use the leftover fabric from the curtain to decorate my shade and use a detailed cut-out diffuser similar to this to hide the unsightly bulbs:
2. Hang a basket or two over the toilet to display more colorful towels and store extra toilet paper rolls:
3. Create a little peek-a-boo "Wash Your Hands" sign to hang on the back of the door as a friendly reminder to guests! I love the "Keep Calm..." signs so will more than likely print and frame one:
I think a little bit of effort really transformed this tiny space into a little bijou! Here is a reminder:
If only it was as inexpensive to renovate and decorate the main bathroom! That will come!

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  1. I love it, love it, love it......good job! Keep blogging and stop slacking. It's been way to long since you blogged. I'm nothing but a faithful follower lol

    Beau travail la belle!