April 14, 2013

Art from the Heart

The way I see it, Jon and I are still young and I want to keep our bedroom fresh, young and inviting with happy colors. As I previously blogged about, our bedroom has been lacking a bit of "oomph". I had excitedly created four very different inspiration boards {see all my inspiration boards here!} to help decide which way I wanted our master bedroom style to go. I have since decided that bright and happy is the place to be! This means I selected my Colorfully Classic inspiration board:
Inspired by the artwork in my inspiration board, I started thinking of artwork that I could create myself which would incorporate all the colors I wished to inject into the space. First step was picking the colors. Based on my inspiration board, I knew I wanted to add hot pink, apple green, happy yellow, peacock and bright orange to the existing teal and plum-purple.
I took two canvases I already had lying around, and started painting them in a very abstract and imperfect sort of way. My son Nicholas and I actually sat at our dining table together, and we shared his paint; I painted my canvases and he painted his hands {he was making handprints for his grand-parents!}. I basically dabbed and swooshed and swept and brushed until I was satisfied. I put the two canvases aside a few days in the bedroom to see what colors needed to be enhanced or muted. After a second go at it, I was satisfied with the balance of colors and hung a canvas over each night stand, on either side of the bed.  
My second DIY project was inspired by quote signs that are seen all over these days. I stuck to my 8-color palette and created a printable in six different colors.
  • My first is in apple green and is the first line from our wedding song "Green Eyes" by Cold Play. It reads "honey you are a rock upon which I stand".
  • The second, in hot pink, reads 'At last my love has come along", lyrics from my all time favorite song "At Last", which I sang at my wedding reception.
  • A third reads "Today is going to be the best day EVER" which is simply an inspirational quote printed in white over peacock.
  • My final quote is the one I believe in the most: "Everything happens for a reason", in beautiful plum.
  • For my yellow printable, I chose to print an empty speech bubble so that I may switch up the sayings depending on my mood, using a dry erase marker.
  • Finally, I created a chevron pattern of orange and white, just for something different.
The grouping of all six prints creates a large enough grouping to proportionately fill that wall: 
A more temporary project was to wrap two canvases with a silver polka-dotted wrapping paper and hang them horizontally over our two dressers. I am not crazy about the look, but for now, it fills the wall until a find more permanent pieces:
Beside the dressers, you can see two framed images. They are peacock artwork that had {at one point} become an obsession inspiration of mine to decorate the space using images and colors of peacocks. I have these photos printed, and I framed them with Dollar Store frames:
My final project was to paint three canvases using a Martha Stewart collection of stencils. I used a few of the shades in my multi-colored palette and, although very one dimensional, I like the look of these. I would love to beef them up with a frame, but for now, they are quite pretty beside my jewellery display:
This art from the heart has added a bit of life to the space. What remains on my to-do list for this boudoir is the following:
-switch out the grey curtains and pillows for something brighter;
-place a lamp on each bedside table;
-create a headboard;
-find or DIY area rugs to add more texture and protect the carpet in areas that are most often used;
-update the bedside tables with a mirror finish and add legs to make them taller;
-possibly create a little vanity area for myself below the artwork and the jewellery rack.
If, in the end, I can't get myself to LOVE the color of the walls, I may re-paint it for something more neutral that won't limit my accessory color choices. I'm thinking a warm yet silvery grey... However, my husband reminded me that there are many other areas in the house that need to be painted... like the side entrance, the trim, the powder room door, not to mention numerous touch-ups... Then he wonders why I call him the Bubble Buster!


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