April 3, 2013

Cyber window shopping

Are you ever spending time browsing the internet, and you run out of things to browse? Well, I have a treat for you! I often peruse through a few sites to get inspired, either for my home or my wardrobe, or anything in between!
I have previously shared that Pinterest is an addiction a favorite of mine! I consider it my bedtime read.
Their are several other spots I love to check almost daily!
A similar site to Pinterest is Houzz.com:
It is a site of home and design photos. You can search by room, by style, or even by item like "chaise lounge" or "backsplash". I you find a picture you like, you can click on it and they will show other pics from the same projects, spaces, or homes!  Plus, a lot of them have tags so you can find out where to purchase the items! Awesome! And also addictive...
I also have a few online stores that I love to check every once in a while. They are sites that offer amazing prices on what you would call "last minute sales" for a limited time. My first pick is Joss & Main:
Beautiful home accents like furniture, rugs, wall hangings, even small kitchen appliances, and all at majorly reduced prices!
Then there is a great website for clothing called Zulily. You can browse by women, kids or babys for clothing, accessories, even lingerie, purses and jewellery!
Don't feel like shopping, but looking for inspiration from real DIY-ers? I have a few blogs that are my GO-TOs. A blog called Craft-O-Maniac has a "Show & Tell" of sorts every Monday! It is called "Craft-O-Maniac Monday" and in the blog world, it is known as a link party. Link parties are literally an invitation for crafters, DIY-ers and bloggers alike to share internet links to their own creations. And they are amazing! You can get endless inspiration for just about anything! From seasonal décor, to refinishing furniture, to full-blown kitchen makeovers, and all this with pictures, details and even tutorials to explain the process! Check it out at Craft-O-Maniac Monday March 25!

Want more blogs to browse? On my blog, click through the list of blogs that I love on the right hand side under the red title BLOGS I LOVE!
All that I ask is that you browse and peruse responsibly, and I take no blame is you become ADDICTED to any or all of the websites or blogs listed above.
Happy browsing!
P.S. I have been working on some DIY art work to fill the empty walls of our master bedroom... will share soon!


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