July 25, 2013

I'm dreaming of a great headboard

{Make sure you sing the post title to the tune of "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" for the full effect!}
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a headboard in my bedroom...
I had a first attempt at headboard DIY-ing in our apartment way-back-when. I had grabbed {get this} two pairs of 8' long bi-fold doors in the TRASH at our apartment building. I saw them as raw {not to mention FREE} headboard material which could be used on it's side to create a headboard that measured about 4' tall by 8' wide. It had really freaked out Jon that I had picked up someone else's trash. I had purchased white fabric and had upholstered the doors. At the time, we had a double bed so the headboard was about a foot longer than the bed itself on either side. I had used this to my advantage and had chosen to hang a light directly onto the headboard on either side of the bed. I had then hung a sheer curtain from the ceiling which fell behind the headboard and created an almost canopy look.  My final touch was a rectangular mirror hung overtop of the sheer curtain and just a few inches above the headboard. It really gave the bed a great overall look for very little mullah. Can you picture it? Sadly, I do not have a picture of that space. But it looked something like this:
*LOL! At least it sort of gives you an idea...*

When we purchased our first home, Jon REFUSED to bring the headboard with us and was more than way too happy to throw it back in the trash. Sniff sniff for me.
In our first home's master bedroom, I had DIY'd another faux headboard and loved it. I had purchased a few pieces of wood and trim, which I had secured directly to the wall, and had painted the whole thing in white. It was not the best handy-work, but I was happy with it and it gave me the look I was going for.
Sadly when Nicholas moved into this bedroom to make room for his baby brother in the nursery {read about that here}, we had to rip down the headboard, and it was unsalvageable.
This time around for our current master bedroom, I want a more sophisticated and classic look, all the while looking well-made. I want to do an upholstered headboard with a curvy shape, and because we have a king size bed for my tall 6'2" husband, I want the headboard to be tall and substantial to balance out the size of the actual bed.
I found this image while browsing Google, and it actually provides different shapes and styles of headboards along with their names:
 Before I found this image, I had actually drawn this...
...which I found quite funny! My favored style is called Portman.
Because the chandelier we have in our master is hung from the wall, my intention is to bring the highest part of the headboard up to about 2" below the light connection, which would be about 5' tall:
Here's a mock-up of that wall with the shape a want:
*Pardon the imitation-photo-shopping*
My plan is to utilize a large piece of plywood that used to be a sliding door in our basement, and trim it down to size. As I don't have the tools {or skills...} to do this, I plan on asking either my Dad or Father-in-Law. I have ordered my desired fabric from my favorite Canadian online fabric store Tonic Living. It is a beautiful graphic print of light grey on white in an upholstery weight.
I really think it will ground the space and add a whole other dimension. Plus, for now, I still have the faux silk grey curtain panels so adding this new pattern will tie both fabrics together.
I have already made a few changes to this space since posting about it in April. I have purchased a few new items, and have spruced up a few other details. Look for those changes in my headboard reveal post...
In the meantime, feast your eyes on these headboard beauties:
Details, details, details: nailhead trim, tufted...
Classically beautiful! I love the symmetry in this space! {I must really love this space, I pinned it SEVERAL times on Pinterest!}
Check out the unique knotted detail of this purple headboard. 
Adore the mix of patterns here!
Great height!  I also love the glamorous touch created by the mirrors in this room!
Curvy, trimmed and tufted = perfect! 
Gorgeous {and love that bedding too!} 
Patterned and pretty! 
Beautiful, and love the footboard! 
Patterned with a nailhead trim. 
Tufted with sides. 
Great room all around!
Until my reveal!