July 13, 2013

Summer inspiration

Here in the great north of Ontario, it took quite a while for spring to get here, let alone stay. Once spring finally arrived in JUNE, summer followed right away. We have now enjoyed about a month of warm{er} weather. We have been busy catching up on outdoor time and working on the yard. Alas, my blog has taken the prime spot on the back burner...
Even though I am not regularly blogging, I am constantly {as in it sometimes keeps me up at night...} thinking of my next project and the many things I still want to do around the house.
The last week or two, we have spent a lot of time at my parent's cottage {which is only about 20 minutes away} as they are out of town. It has made me long for a cottage of our own... I already know exactly the style of interior I would want for my own cottage: fresh, crisp, white, bright, airy, relaxed and FUN!
Here are my inspirations for our future summer home:
Mixing and matching bright fabrics to accessorize neutral furniture:

Fresh white walls, with touches of natural wood: 
Painted cabinets with rustic touches like this farmhouse apron sink:
In a cottage, I feel I would be more "daring" if you will, like slipcovering a sofa in a brighter fabric. I absolutely LOVE the curtain and pillow fabrics here:
I would even be adventurous enough to install a more permanent bright feature like this gorgeous apple green backsplash:
After all, a cottage can't be too serious!
I would want a large eating area to feed at least a dozen people comfortably:
I love this idea of two tables that offer more options for seating arrangements. Also love the different styles of chairs united in style by the use of the same paint color. I would not be "brave" enough to do this in our year-round home, but for a cottage, it seems very appropriate!
All the beds would be covered in beautiful quilts. Wether heirlooms or store-bought, they just scream comfort.
A girl can dream... In the mean time, I will keep enjoying the time we do have at my parent's cottage and watching my little guys enjoy the lake life as much as I did growing up:
Nicholas {a few weeks away from 5 years old} getting ready to dive right in!
Playing in the sand.
Continuing the family tradition of bathing every single child in our family in the tiny kitchen sink, here's Luca {1.5 year old}:
At least it's better than this:
Can you say bug bite? Ouch!
I look forward to the day we have our own beachy cottage getaway!
Happy Summer To All!