October 27, 2013

Confessions of a Decoraholic

"Hello everyone. My name is Mylène Desjardins Beadow, and I am a Decoraholic. By definition, that means that my mind is thinking of a past, current or future decorating project every waking minute of my life!"
Although this may seem fun to some people, being a declared Decoraholic has its problems. Not only is your mind always occupied with decorating distractions, more than likely a Decoraholic has at least 2 or 3 {or more} projects going at once, always starting the next before finishing the previous. But a Decoraholic also has a tendency to tire more quickly of certain décor choices if she does not take the time to focus on one project at a time to ensure 100% satisfaction.
Why do I confess my sins to you all, you may ask? Because I am unable to convince myself to love the colorful theme I chose for the master bedroom... it is just not doing it for me! Although I still love the look of this inspiration board, and have put some effort into pulling it off, I am having difficulty getting this same feeling from the room itself.
Here's what I have done to realise this inspiration board:
-added colorful accent pillows;
-DIY-ed artwork to include all the colors in the scheme; and,
-purchased 2 beautiful table lights.
All in all, other than the mirrored bedside tables, apple green curtains and area rug, this board has been achieved.
However, when I chose the fabric for my headboard {which I LOVE!}, I knew that I was keeping grey in the bedroom, which originally I had planned to slowly remove from the décor. The headboard made me realise that my moody teal walls needed a just-as-moody grey sidekick. Toned down with white, the room would feel more planned as opposed to just "forced" together. See where I am going?
After seeing my pictures, and going in and out of the room for a few days, I quickly realised all the colored accents were actually taking away from my gorgeous headboard focal point:
So I did a little experimenting, all while folding my Sunday laundry in my bedroom. I removed the colored bedding accents, added my three platinum grey pillows, and took a few test pictures, plus walked in and out of the room a few times {I know, I'm funny!}: 
As soon as I took away the colored bedding, I instantly loved the look more, and felt that it really let the headboard be the star. I did a quick lamp switcheroo by bringing the apple green lamps into the living room and bringing the silver living room lamps to the bedroom.
The purple quilt and pillows were downgraded  discarded donated to the guest bedroom. As for the chevron accent pillows? They were added to the living room décor where I am currently working on lightening the look {more on that later}.
I then set out to rework the accessories and artwork to achieve a more balanced look. I wanted to:
-hang a mirror over each bedside lamp, possibly hung from a glossy grey ribbon;
-display wedding pictures to replace the colorful posters; and,
-add current pictures of the boys on large canvases over our dressers.

First, I chose 8 wedding photos {4 of the ladies, 4 of the men} and elected to print them in 5" x 7" and in color. I found frames for 8" x 10" photos in a platinum color at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. I centered each photo on the white background which turned out great! These frames replaced the colorful DIY signs I had made to incorporate all my colors.
Next, I asked my brother-in-law {who has an awesome camera and the skills to go with it} to take some close-ups of my boys when we were visiting my BIL's family in Waterloo. I had one of each boy printed in poster size at Wal-Mart for $20 each. I considered having them mounted on canvases by Wal-Mart but the service started at $60 a pop, so I opted to do it myself. With a little Mod Podge and duct tape {to hold down everything neatly in the back}, I pulled off the canvases in a few minutes. They received a prime spot over our dressers, where I have really been struggling to decide what to hang. I think they look great!
Finally, I used two already-on-hand round mirrors that were looking for a home. They were a bronze finish so I opted to give them a brushed-on look in glossy white. I hung one over each night stand and added ribbon to pretty them up and make them a little more substantial without stealing the show. {Side note: I thought to brush on some glue and add some glitter, but quickly realised they would be to glitzy and immature. A quick rinse in warm water allowed me to start over for what I feel is a more sophisticated look.}
The overall look is much more grown up and relaxing without a bunch of colors competing for the spotlight. Now the headboard is allowed to shine!
Here's one last peek at where we started:
I think it is safe to say I won't be touching this room for a while. Although I have to admit my beige bedskirt has been bothering... like I said: Decoraholic! 

October 18, 2013

Boys will be Boys! Boys' Bedrooms Part II

In Part I of this two-part post, I showed Luca's room all done up! Now it's time for Nico's room!
Here he is, proudly sitting in his room! He turned 5 years old on July 20!
Since this series of posts is all about progress, I am skipping the large amount of writing, and going straight for the pics.
The room was painted an icy grey-blue. A new window was installed as well as carpet, baseboards and trim.
I later added sheer curtain panels in two colors to add a bit more color. 
Nicholas helped me paint this magnet board to hang his artwork, pictures, etc. And we also painted his library a bright green and affixed it to the wall here.
Although no drastic changes have been made, there have been layout changes, as well as additions of a photo gallery, letters, and more artwork.
Here's Nico's room now:
We received this beautiful hand-crafted bed from my cousin Michael. It has 3 drawers on either side which is perfect for craft supplies, extra bed linens, puzzles, etc. So the layout of the bed was changed in order for Nicholas to access all the drawers.
A few pieces were added to his small gallery. He painted three other canvases, very abstract and free! 
{Don't mind the planets and stars... Nico stuck them on himself.}
This is a birth announcement I had made for him and had hung in his first nursery.
And this sign which I DIY-ed a while ago is still my fave: "What would Spiderman do?"
I also created a casual looking photo gallery which includes my two ultrasound pictures, a few baby pictures, and a few more recent pictures. Using miss-matched frames and hanging them in a not-quite-perfect manner keeps the gallery casual. No serious business for this guy's room!

Here are a few last-glance pics:
Nico and Luca love playing in this room! Although the space is not huge, it still provides enough room to play. See what I mean?
I consider this room to be pretty complete, other than hanging closet doors and maybe finding a little area rug. I think it is a mature-enough look that Nicholas will be able to grow into.

October 10, 2013

Let's hear it for the boys! Boys' Bedrooms PART I

I realised not long ago that I never really shared pictures of the boys' bedrooms since working on them. So here is the first of two posts devoted to Luca's and Nicholas' rooms!
Let's start with Luca as I have shared very little of his personal space!
Here's the little man during our trip Thanksgiving weekend. He will be 2 years on December 14!
I'll save you a lot of reading since my last post was super long, and jump right along to...
While working on the space, we found this awesome treasure: a sweet message that reads "Adelard Breton Loves Emilienne Dussault". How special! I just had to take a picture to share and remember it by!

The room was painted, the window was changed and new carpet, baseboards and trim were installed.
The painted stripes I did myself and absolutely LOVE! In such a small room, I really wanted a strong focal wall.
The entire color scheme for Luca's room was determined based on the dinosaur  quilt my mother made for him before he was born.

I have been slowly adding owl accents. I found this sweet peek-a-boo owl at Home Sense in May and thought it was perfect! Isn't he sweet? I am always keeping an eye out for other owl figurines to add to his room.
This slowly-growing gallery includes two animal canvases I already owned but had never used, an owl I had created as part of Luca's birthday décor, and Luca's first drawings which I framed in Dollar Tree frames. I will add to the gallery as I go.

I want to create a birth announcement which I had done for Nicholas, sort of like this example from Etsy:
Modern Typography Birth Announcement Print 
I purchased a yard of this owl fabric just recently and plan to make an accent pillow for the chair. The tri-color knit blanket was mine as a baby and just happens to match the scheme with its cream, green and yellow colors. The rocking chair is a hand-me-down from my sister Adèle who used it her nurseries. It belongs to her husbands' family, meaning he was rocked in it as a baby! I love furniture with meaning! She had made the cushion for the chair and I feel it works in the space so am keeping it. 
The owl canvases were also a found treasure at Home Sense in May. Aren't they perfect for the space? And the sayings of "SIMPLY LOVE" and "FAMILY FIRST" are also quite suitable for a nursery. I just love when a find like this matches perfectly with a room that's already complete!
I love this globe which Luca received from his Godmother {aka my sister-in-law} for Christmas last year. And I {aka Santa} gave him those blocks which I also used to decorate his shelves like this:
I thought it was only appropriate to use some of his blocks to spell I LOVE LUCA in French! Plus it fills the shelf until I find more decorations.
I also plan on framing some pictures of Luca since birth and creating a gallery over his white dresser. I love displaying photos to show how much they have changed since day 1.
A few other TO-DO items for Luca's room include hanging curtains, changing up the hardware on his white dresser and finding a cute area rug. These are the curtains I am eyeing:
I am thinking this pistachio color would be perfect:
So that's it! Stay tuned for Nico's room in PART II of this post...