October 18, 2013

Boys will be Boys! Boys' Bedrooms Part II

In Part I of this two-part post, I showed Luca's room all done up! Now it's time for Nico's room!
Here he is, proudly sitting in his room! He turned 5 years old on July 20!
Since this series of posts is all about progress, I am skipping the large amount of writing, and going straight for the pics.
The room was painted an icy grey-blue. A new window was installed as well as carpet, baseboards and trim.
I later added sheer curtain panels in two colors to add a bit more color. 
Nicholas helped me paint this magnet board to hang his artwork, pictures, etc. And we also painted his library a bright green and affixed it to the wall here.
Although no drastic changes have been made, there have been layout changes, as well as additions of a photo gallery, letters, and more artwork.
Here's Nico's room now:
We received this beautiful hand-crafted bed from my cousin Michael. It has 3 drawers on either side which is perfect for craft supplies, extra bed linens, puzzles, etc. So the layout of the bed was changed in order for Nicholas to access all the drawers.
A few pieces were added to his small gallery. He painted three other canvases, very abstract and free! 
{Don't mind the planets and stars... Nico stuck them on himself.}
This is a birth announcement I had made for him and had hung in his first nursery.
And this sign which I DIY-ed a while ago is still my fave: "What would Spiderman do?"
I also created a casual looking photo gallery which includes my two ultrasound pictures, a few baby pictures, and a few more recent pictures. Using miss-matched frames and hanging them in a not-quite-perfect manner keeps the gallery casual. No serious business for this guy's room!

Here are a few last-glance pics:
Nico and Luca love playing in this room! Although the space is not huge, it still provides enough room to play. See what I mean?
I consider this room to be pretty complete, other than hanging closet doors and maybe finding a little area rug. I think it is a mature-enough look that Nicholas will be able to grow into.