October 6, 2013

Headboard Reveal... and UPDATE!

I feel like this supposed-to-be-simple headboard project has hit obstacle after obstacle after obstacle. I first posted about in July, and the first obstacle came shortly thereafter in the form of my husband happily choosing to demolish a portion of our basement. Our focus turned to the basement, and to completing a few other smaller projects here and there. Then, of course, summer finally arrived in Northern Ontario, so blogging/DIY-ing/decorating was last on my list of priorities for a while.
When summer started fading, so began the lovely chaos of back to school, back to regular daycare, back to reality... Then, I got side tracked... or more like derailed from everything.
I lost my dear grand-father, my Pépère Villeneuve,
on August 30th:
At the beautiful age of 92 years old, he left us to find the love of his life. People may think it is easier when a grand-parent is older and has lived a long life; but you see, I work in the nursing home where my grand-father lived his last years. After the funeral was over, I came back to work and am still reminded of him every single day. I believe my grieving process has been different from others in my family, but I am getting there. I consider myself very fortunate and blessed to have spent special moments with him over the last year or so, as I was able to know him all over again. Although he rarely remembered me due to his growing dementia, I will forever remember him and those special memories that he created for me. Rest in peace my sweet Pépère...

As normalcy slowly returned, the boys' activities were starting (Nico's hockey and swimming, and Luca's swimming with Mommy), and then my husband went off bow hunting for a week. As it was my first "hunting-widow" experience from start to finish, I never could have imagined the preparation and time that was involved in the whole process. You receive no communication at all for the entire duration since they are in "the bush". So, above running the house, caring for the kids, making lunches and beds, running to hockey school and swimming and the grocery store, you are constantly worried and hoping the men are okay. But I can tell you that we have enough moose meat to last us until next fall's hunt. All in all, it was well worth it and I SURVIVED! I always said that I was not meant to be a single parent... and I mean it even more now!

Finally, the last week of September, I was dreaming of other projects and kept telling myself to finish the projects I had started. I had actually gotten ready to upholster my headboard while Jon was gone hunting, but when I layout my fabric beside my board, I realised that I had forgotten to ask my dad to trim each side by a few inches to fit my fabric. So, by the time he came to get the board, trimmed it and brought it back, it sat untouched for a while longer. When I settled in to complete it, things were  actually going well! Half way around the board, I ran out of staples... We went to the store that evening to pick some up, only to return home to realise they were too short for my staple gun! ARGH! {See what I mean about obstacles?}

Again the headboard sat there a few more days until I borrowed staples and a staple gun {just in case} from my father-in-law. I worked my way around the board and finished the upholstery. I was looking for my needle to thread my buttons through the back. I couldn't find my big needles... I found ONE LONELY needle that was just long enough to do the job and started working on my buttons. Then... MY NEEDLE BROKE! OMG! I was getting frustrated to say the least...

I started looking through my old jewelry making and beading supplies, and came across a bobbin of thin gauge wire. I figured I could make it work. So I cut a long piece of wire, folded it in half, thread the button on, and then tried to feed it through from the front. I managed to get a few buttons done, but had to stop because it was way passed the kids' bedtime and both boys were still awake.

A few days later, I devoted myself to finishing and setting up my headboard along with my husband's assistance.

FINALLY... here is the reveal!

This is what I started with:

My lovely uphosltered buttons:

Half-way there:

And finally installed:

Here are a few other pictures of the entire Master Bedroom:



A little artwork progress:

As I like to keep it as real as possible, I will share what I have learned with the making of this headboard:
1) Always order 1 extra yard of fabric {my Mom gave me this wise piece of advice...after I had ordered my fabric};
2) A curved shape is very difficult to upholster! While corners are manageable, the curves proved to be challenging as I had to cut the fabric so close to the edge just to make it curve properly.  And then I was unable to pull the fabric perfectly taught in some areas, which made the final look not quite perfect. Thinking back on it now, I know how I could have done it differently... oh well!  I ain't saying "Don't do it!"; but I am saying "I warned you"; and;
3) Make sure you have ALL your supplies and tools before getting started to avoid such delays as I encountered!

Headboards make such an impact in a bedroom! For a low cost project, this made the room feel so much more complete. Since I used a piece of wood I already had on hand, the project cost less than $50 to complete! Here's a brief budget breakdown:
-10$ for the batting
-40$ for the fabric
And yes, it was ALL worth it! Hopefully my next project will go much smoother.
What else would I like to do in this room:
-hang closet doors;
-crown molding would be gorgeous;
-find a large area rug to cover the areas we walk on the most;
-and I am sure soon enough I will be reworking the décor.
We are considering bringing in a piece of furniture in the corner beside the window to house a small television {since hockey is back, we have been fighting over the TV since neither of us wants to go hide in the dungeon basement to watch the other TV. So, we may be bringing up this piece from the basement - remember it from here?

Basement Update

If you are wondering how our basement is coming along, well, it isn't... it has also stalled.

Here are the previous progress pics which showed the new insulation:

And it now looks like this:

I would estimate that 40% of the drywall in Phase 1 is up, but would also guess that only 15% of Phase 1 is complete, as the other side of the space has yet to be touched. The entire bulkhead still needs to be framed, the remaining drywall needs to be installed. After that, the gruelling process of taping, plastering, sanding, smoothing, priming, painting... will begin. We actually have all the supplies purchased, we just need to find the time to DO IT!

The joys of life and all it's wonderful chaos!
Happy fall everyone!