November 18, 2013

Classy moose {?}

As you may or may not know, we have already had some snow here in the good old north of Ontario, and so I am finding myself thinking of the holidays more and more. Last year, I shared with you my tradition of dedicating a new ornament each Christmas to commemorate an event that occurred in the last year. Last December, I enumerated the ornaments dedicated to date, which included this key representing that we bought our home in 2012.
This week, I caught myself thinking of what special events happened so far in 2013. I immediately thought of a moose...
You see, my husband Jon has started bow hunting, and this fall, he got his first moose {well, my brother-in-law got it, but Jon was part of the hunting team}. For anyone who hunts and has a spouse who hunts, you know what a big deal the first catch is. Which led to my next thought of finding a classic and elegant moose ornament: can a moose be classy?
I started surfing the net and Pinterest for examples of ornaments I could either order online or DIY. Here's what I found: there are a lot of awful and tacky moose ornaments out there! But I also found a few examples that are quite perfect! 
I think this one would look great painted in either silver or apple green, or even white with a colored ribbon.
I wouldn't even mind having a natural wood cut-out like this example; as long as it's hung in a classic way, it would fit right in. 
Eventhough I like this shape a little less than the others {probably cause it's more realistic!}, I like the idea of using another material such as copper.
I LOVE this polymer clay ornament with the lace detail!
I also thought to just hang a moose cookie cutter from a pretty ribbon:
Either of these would be a great option!
So the answer to my own question is:  YES, I believe a moose ornament can be classy if done the right way! I have started looking in stores here but what I am finding is a lot of reindeer, but no moose options...
I'll share more once I decide what I am doing / order one / DIY-one... so stay tuned and get your holiday mood going!