November 4, 2013

Strange combination

There once was a Captain, a turtle and a bomb girl named Rosie... huh?
My point exactly! I would have loved to have been creative enough to think of family costumes so we could sort of match for our trick-or-treating Halloween adventures. But alas, Nicholas wanted to be a superhero aka Captain America! Luca wore a hand-me-down turtle costume {adorable} and I DIY-ed a Rosie the Riveter costume at the last minute {I had a 10-year-old Dorothy costume but couldn't really fit into it! Boo-hoo!}:

What a trio! The weather was perfect: just cool enough and a little misty yet foggy for the perfect Halloween effect!
Look how seriously Nico was taking his role of Superhero!
And Luca was just distracted by the trick-or-treaters coming up the street! It's hard to keep a 22-month-old focused for more than 3 seconds!
And here are a few pics of my Halloween decor.
Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! Next is Christmas... the countdown begins!