December 6, 2013

And the answer is...

...Yes! A moose ornament CAN be classy! After perusing Pinterest, Etsy and the web in general, I decided I would DIY my own moose Christmas ornament to represent 2013 as I had revealed here. I had sort of set the project aside due to a busy week, when I decided to pick-up this holiday themed Better Homes & Gardens magazine while grocery shopping:
And what a great magazine!! I must have folded every other page corner because it had an idea I liked! Best of all, it had an entire article with ideas for wildlife themed decorations, like these:

Plus it had templates of the animal shapes to cut out and use.  A trip to the Dollar Tree later, I had the supplies I needed to try my hand at a classy moose ornament.
I liked the first ornament pictured above of the mounted silhouette. So I took the moose template and trimmed it out of white felt. Then, I glued my cut shape to a second layer of felt to give it more strength, and even glued the paper between the two pieces of felt to make it that much sturdier. After snipping for a while until I felt my shape was perfectly moose-y, I cut a mounting piece out of sparkly silver scrapbook paper. Again, I used two pieces of the craft paper glued back-to-back to make it nice and sturdy to stand the test of time, and I glued a piece of ribbon between the pieces to hang the ornament, of course in my favorite apple green.
However, when I came to mount the head in a perpendicular fashion to the mount, it looked way too large and was very forward heavy, and was not going to hang properly at all. Since I had been using a hot glue gun, it was easy enough to remove the head without damaging anything. Instead, I affixed the piece similarly to the name tag pictured in the last image above.
Finally, I used a permanent marker to inscribe the year on the back of the ornament.
Here is my final product:
I am very pleased with the end result and feel it is the perfect balance of sparkle and elegance, all while being personal.
So a classy moose ornament for 2013. I wonder what 2014's ornament will be...