December 23, 2013

Christmas time is here...

This year has felt particularly crazy. The cold weather hit us early in Northern Ontario and it feels like we have been trying to get ready for Christmas forever... and I am STILL not done!
Although I love that our kids have activities and are busy, I have found it challenging this season as there has been so much I have wanted to do to decorate our home for the holidays, and I feel like I will just have to let it go this year.
In any case, we did manage to get some decorating done! And our house feels plenty jolly!
I briefed you here on my ornament for 2013. Now, have a look at what else is decking our halls!
In the entrance way, my newest addition of a shelf received a basket full of apple green ornaments, a jolly sitting Santa and lovely DIY "NOEL" banner.
I did add some real peacock feathers throughout my décor as I felt it really tied together my existing color scheme. Last year's wreath received new sparkly apple green ribbon and three gorgeous peacock plumes.
I really let my 5-year-old help with the decorating simply because I wanted to feel that same excitement and involvement as I did when I was a child. That being said, he decided that two mismatched single strings of lights {one in blue and one in bright white} would be perfect together.
Here it is at nighttime.
Since our {no longer functioning} fire place does not have a mantle, I chose to hang the boys' stockings from a table beside the tree. However, I did decorate the fireplace with ornaments and ribbon hung from a garland. I also placed a very classic log candle holder and so faux tree branches in the fireplace itself.
My main washroom received a little bling with an ornament wreath of its own.
I hung ribbons on two cabinet doors to allow us to display some of our Christmas cards, all while adding some holiday flavour in the kitchen.
The mirror in the kitchen was crowned with a pastel ribbon.
The buffet area was adorned with trinkets and ornaments.
This lovely wintery banner hangs between the kitchen and dining room.

Strings of pearls were hung from the dining room chandelier. A grouping of trees and ornaments placed on a Christmas plate serve as a table centrepiece.
A pretty grey and white tea towel serves as a placemat for the setting.
The only other surface to decorate in my living {at least for now} was the entertainment unit. I created groupings of ornament filled containers and flanked either side of our television. 
Here are more of my peacock feathers along with my fave deers.
Finally, the boys' advent calendar hangs from our closet door which is just off of the dining room. 
That's all folks! Hopefully next year I find more time to deck my halls that much more..