January 3, 2014

Welcome 2014!

As my resolution for 2014, I am laying it all out on the table! Instead of having a list of things to change, my resolution will be a list of projects to complete! Yahoo! Exciting!
Because I am a confessed Decoraholic, I constantly have want-to-do projects on my To-Do list. Here are some that I really want to complete in 2014:
1. Recover dining room bench and chairs.
My dining set currently has dark chocolate leather upholstery which {at first} I loved! Overtime, I have grown bored of such a dark and unified-in-color set. Seeing as my dining room has no space for other pieces of furniture where I could introduce a contrast in color, I would like to update my set with uphosltery. The other reason why this project is at the very top of my list is that the leather actually looks quite used and abused. The bench has a few tears and one massive hole! Oops!
I would love to cover the bench in a crisp white or slightly off-white vinyl. I love these options from Etsy.
Snow White Marine Vinyl Indoor Outdoor Upholstery Fabric By The Yard
Woven Coated White Indoor Outdoor Upholstery Fabric By The Yard

Secondly, I would like the three chairs on the opposite side of the table to have a contrasting fabric. I love this option from Tonic Living as it really gathers all the colors in both the kitchen and dining room.

Gazebo, Cloud
But I also love a geometric pattern such as this one:
Flatiron, Grey
As for the end chairs, I'm thinking a full or partial slipcover in a third fabric, more than likely plain in pattern but in a contrasting color to the other fabrics, like charcoal or light grey.
I think the different upholstery styles and fabrics will add much-needed interest to the monochromatic set.
2. Update front exterior.
I shared this project idea quite some time ago but we haven't managed to get around to it yet. Yes, our house looks nice but it is also sort of boring.
My MUST-DO list for the exterior includes removing the brown screen door {ugly - which you actually can't see in this picture as I had propped it open on purpose}, painting the front door {inside and outside} apple green, updating the existing hardware and lighting, and a bit of landscaping. I assume my husband will also want to touch up the existing paint jobs on the garage and breezeway doors. They are currently the same tan color as the siding, but I like the idea of white. I have been dreaming of these images for so long now it seems:
Green doorFront door is such a fresh, fun green! Love that the entry is simple and cheery.front door color
It has got to get done in 2014!
As for the landscaping part, I like the structured look of hostas and boxwoods so I may plant those this summer. I would also love to find a large planter to place beside the front door, and possibly some smaller ones for either side of the breezeway door.
Here is a closer look at the front door to assist your imagination:
3.  Refinish second-hand dresser for entertainment unit.
I purchased an old dresser for a steal two falls ago! My intention was to refinish it in white and use it as an entertainment unit in the living room. Sadly, it has been sitting in my garage ever since it was brought home...
These are examples of what I envision:
TV wall photo collage from the very talented Emily A Clark
Love the photo grouping and television stand!
Layout, chairs, refinished dresser
I would also love to hang a gallery of artwork and photos behind the television to fill the HUGE wall., which currently looks like this since I removed the wallpaper:

Here are some samples I like: 
Loving this gallery wall behind the TV
Gallery Wall that INCLUDES the TV.  So it's not just a tv on the wall.
tv console
3. Paint fireplace brick and DIY mantle.
I mean, seriously, how sad does this holiday decor look?
Even when it isen't decked out for the holidays, it feels bare.
I would love to white wash the brick, like in these inspiration photos:
white brick fireplace
Apartment 34 | This is Very Pinteresting: {Follow the White Brick Road}
I also want to install a much-needed mantle. I have pinned these on Pinterest in hopes to use them as examples very soon:
Beautiful Mantle-Whole picture very close to wanted accent wall areaStacked mantle decorations
DIY mantle shelf.. love this for a shop.
4. Finish basement updates.
Obviously, this is at the top of my list but it will take some time to finish. I won't even start showing you my visions for this space, cause it will just sadden me that we are SO NOT CLOSE TO BEING DONE. I will, however, share the inspiration board from here:
Ahhh... someday...
5. Create "home tour" for blog.
Although this does not require any actual work {other than a little tidying and organizing}, I have been meaning to take pictures of our entire home in its current state to post as a home tour on my blog. I would also really like to film a video tour. So that is definitely on my list for this year, and it will be easier to do because...


I bought the Nikon D5100! I have been eyeing this baby and its sibling (the D3100) for years now. It was nearly $200 off over the holidays so I jumped on it! Which means my last resolution will be to:

6. Take more and BETTER pictures!
Of course there will be other small craft and decorating projects along the way, and I will share them as they come WITH MY NEW CAMERA! In the meantime, these are the images floating around in my head...