February 5, 2014

Having a Ball!

Before I can start blogging about 2014 projects, I have a few 2013 topics still waiting to be shared. Let's start with my son Luca's 2nd birthday party which we celebrated on his birthday on December 14th.
Last year's theme was owls. This year, I chose a more personalized theme according to Luca's likes...
Now, for those of you who know Luca, you know he is a sports fanatic, even at the tender age of 2 years old! He loves all sports, lovingly calling them all "b-ball" {hockey, soccer, golf, basketball... they are ALL "b-ball"}. So an obvious theme for his birthday was sports!
I DIY-ed this sports banner that spelled "Bonne Fête Luca! 2 ans"! {Happy Birthday Luca! 2 Years!} I basically used Microsoft Word clip arts to insert the different sports balls, and added large letters over each ball. To make them large enough, I printed one ball and letter per sheet. Nicholas then helped me cut them out. I hung them from white crêpe paper ribbon using a stapler. So this was my living room birthday decor.
In the kitchen, I decorated my buffet area. As we were doing a simple "cake and gifts" evening party with close family, I only had cake and juice to serve, along with some munchies later on.
At the Dollar Tree, I picked up balloons, streamers, a plastic table cloth, and even found a sports themed cupcake stand! I had matching utensils, plates and cups leftover from previous parties. So for a few dollar store purchases, I was quite happy with the focal point!
I made cupcakes topped with vanilla icing to allow the kids to decorate their own cupcake with the sprinkles provided.
The rest of the batter made a small rectangular shaped cake. This time around, I kept the cake basic, but cut out stars and more sports balls as a "topper" to adorn it. Simple yet effective to bring my theme home! 
Matching plates, cups and utensils leftover from previous parties and a pitcher of color-coordinated Kool-Aid rounded up the grouping.
During the party, I ran a slide show of all the pictures I had of Luca since birth from my laptop to my television. It was a really nice touch to recall his birth day and see how much he has changed in just two years! Here he is, watching the slide show and himself as a newborn! Oh course, Mr. Sporty had to wear his hockey jersey! He cried when we wanted to take it off to put him in his pj for bed! And he insisted on wearing it again the next day!
Here is his big brother, Nico, anxiously waiting for everyone to arrive.
After "happy birthday" singing and cake eating {I didn't actually get any pictures of him eating his cupcake! Oops! But my mother-in-law has some for sure, so the memory was definitely captured!}, Luca got to unwrap his presents, which were {of course} wrapped in sports themed paper!
I just had to share this awesome reaction which I actually caught on camera!! Cute!
His gifts were all music and sports related!
From this tiny bundle...

To this beautiful toddler...
What a sweetheart! Happy 2nd birthday Luca! Maman t'aime beaucoup!