March 1, 2014

i HEART my Nikon!

Since purchasing my Nikon D5300 camera at the end of December, I have been testing it out quite a bit. I have taken over 1300 photos! {Wow!} Keep in mind, I love the burst mode where you hold down the button and take a series of images, especially for sports! I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite shots from the last 2 months.
Here, I was testing out the color selection mode, where you can select a particular color to stand out:
I have also been trying my hand at close ups.
{No, Nicholas is not naked! He likes to sleep in just his boxers so here he was watching television before bed!}
Look at that face! I love capturing moments like this!
The sunset and sunrise settings create really pretty pictures where the colors and shadows are just beautiful. This was a sunset just over my neighbor's house.
And here it was setting over an abandonned church on Highway 11.
Outdoor pictures are always the best, so I tend to get carried away when we are outdoors, taking tons of pics.
Going sledding, Nicholas pulls his brother on the GT.
Cousin Cloé: so precious!
Luca waiting his turn to go down the hill.
Cousin Sophie building her snowman.
Our mexican snowman!
We bought Nicholas a snowboard as a reward and I used the sports mode and image burst to photograph him going down the hill!
We went to Thunder Bay to visit some family for Family Day weekend, and I took some great pics there too!
Nicholas and his cousin of the same age, Carson, getting ready to go tubing at Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay.
Here comes Nicholas!
Luca tubing with Grand-Maman Carole!
And Grand-Papa Tim with his best little buddy Luca!
We were trying to capture all of the great-grand-kids in one shot. The youngest of them all, little Cloé, was not so cooperative... Here's the first shot without her:  
Here's the first shot with her {look at the other kids!}:
And the last shot with her!
I find I am also capturing many more memories because in the end, the memories are all we have. I have never been one to take a lot of pictures, but now I really am making a better effort to capture those special moments!
Like Nicholas having his breakfast in the living room on the garden stool and sitting on a pile of throw cushions:
Or Luca blowing on Grand-Papa Tim's coffee:
Nicholas and his teamates skating hard for the puck. I love when you see their names!
Here is my hubby making bread with his Grandfather, Papa Mars! What a special tradition and keepsake!
Look at that bread, just waiting to go into the oven!
Probably one of my favorites! This was taken Family Day weekend: Jon's Grandfather looking happily and proudly at his grand-children and great-grand-children around him. He is such a special man.
Here is Luca, taking a time-out very seriously! I could not resist taking a {few} pictures!
Luca had hurt himself and his tears were so precious, I snapped a shot.
I know, nothing special for most. But this is Nicholas encouraging his little brother to go in the potty before they hopped in the tub. I thought it was sweet!
And what a memory to capture Nicholas meeting his little cousin Sébastien for the first time. {Yes, my predictions were wrong, my sister Sophie had a beautiful little boy on Valentine's Day!}
And this is me at Fort William Historical Park.
I am so looking forward to capturing more memories. I can see why some become photography enthusiasts. I am already eyeing my next lens up to 300mm {the one that came with my camera is a 18-55mm lens} as I would love to capture more close ups from a distance. But I think it is safe to say that I HEART my Nikon!