April 27, 2015

Happy 100th Post!

When I posted my last entry the other day, I realized that it was actually the 100th post on my blog since I started it in 2011! Exciting! I thought a look back at old posts would be fun but instead I decided to review my projects in 2014 to see if I accomplished all I wanted to over the last year.

In this post, I listed my wish list of projects for 2014:

1. Recovering dining room bench and chairs

Yes, I accomplished this. I purchased some inexpensive vinyl table cloths at Wal-mart and chose to upholster all chairs and the bench. What a difference it made! 

From this: 

To this:

The bright white of the material really added some much needed lightness in the dining room. I mean, I love a matching set but it was starting to feel too heavy and dark.

Now because I chose a more inexpensive material, it already shows a bit of wear and tear {no help to Luca who one day decided he was going to poke his fork over and over again in the bench!} but it has stood up quite well and will last a little while longer. Heck! for the 10$ I spent on the table cloths, I am happy it has lasted this long!

2. Update front exterior.

This is almost complete. In the fall, I painted the door a lovely and fresh apple green color. After two coats, the vote was that it was a little TOO bright and lime. I decided to tone it down a little bit and selected an earthier apple green and painted another two coats. However, I chose to leave the bright apple green on the inside of the door because I actually really loved it and found that it was not as off-putting indoors.

This is when we bought the house:

This is what it looked like in the fall:

We also had our breeze way doors {front door, interior door to the kitchen and back door} spray painted glossy white by my father-in-law, and I spray painted the house numbers, mail slot and door hardware in an oil rubbed bronze.

Another thing I wanted to work on was the landscaping. I ripped out everything that was in my little garden and was lucky enough to inherit some hostas from my mom. I chose to plant three hostas with three little bright green shrubs {don't know the name... I am not much of a gardener!} all evenly spaced out and varying my pattern from shrub, hosta, shrub, hosta, shrub, hosta. I am anxious to see how it will look this summer!

Finally, I picked up two little cedar trees that I flanked on either side of the stairs: one for each of my sons. I have started the tradition of taking their picture beside their own tree every year to see how much they and the trees have grown.

I still want to update the lighting at both doorways, paint the garage door, and remove the brown screen door which we never got around to doing after I painted the door in the fall.

3. Re-finish second hand dresser for TV unit

Check that! I just revealed this in my last post! Ha! This project was done in the fall as well. One night, my husband was at hockey... he he he... the dresser had been in place for a while and was just begging me to paint it. So, I pulled out some glossy white paint I had on hand and gave it a coat. I ordered crystal knobs from Lee Valley Tools and replaced the existing hardware. I love this piece and since I had been wanting to do this project for some time, I just adore my living room now!

4. Paint fireplace brick and DIY mantle

Oooohhhh... partially done, I revealed my painted fireplace a few posts ago, and what a difference that made! The mantle is still on my to-do list...


I have got my eye on a few large clocks to replace the tiny stars... soon... my favorite is in a bright robin's egg blue.

5. Finish basement updates

This project is sort of in limbo. We did take on more than we had originally planned as the long part of the L-shape is all drywalled and painted, and we installed two new windows. However, the space feels sort of bare without proper flooring and finishing touches. I did start hanging some artwork here and there. The idea is to keep navy blue as the primary accent color as the bar area will have a Toronto Maple Leafs theme {I have to give at least ONE space for Jon to decorate!}. But, funny me, I threw in a coral color as a secondary accent color! {It still needs a feminine touch!} 

With spring finally here, or almost, we will start-up work in the second area {the short part of the L-shape which used to be a closed in bedroom}. The whole kit and caboodle needs to be done: new insulation, new drywall, new wiring, new lighting, new paint, new windows and we are getting one window filled as it is on our TV wall.

At the time I made my wish list for 2014, I had shown you this inspiration board:

This is now my inspiration board:

It is a different than any color scheme I have had before and definitely a step away from my usual blues and apple greens. I am loving this palette so far! Stay tuned for updates to come soon!

It is not much to look at but here are the most recent pics:

The entrance way:



The bar before:


This is the area we are currently working in.



This will be the new entrance to the guest bedroom {Currently the junk room}.

These are my new closets for storage.

6. Create "home tour" for blog

I did not even think of doing this! You know this is the type of thing you do after a good house cleaning: take pictures of your perfectly pristine and placed home. I will try to do this after my big spring cleaning, hopefully this weekend.

7. Take more and BETTER pictures

My pictures have definitely gotten better since purchasing my new camera, but I do find that I am taking fewer than I was at first. Here are some of my faves of late:

My little dude:

My hockey star:

Brotherly love {yes, they are always in their underwear!}:

The athlete and the rockstar: Luca with his baseball cap, Nico with his mohawk:

Not bad at all for my 2014 wish list.

What is my 2015 wishlist?

1. Finish the L-shape of the basement, including doors, trim and casings, but not the floors.
2. Finish changing Luca's room into Decor By Mylène office.
3. Work on front exterior of the house: paint garage door white, possibly install shutters, work on a bit more landscaping and change lighting.
4. Install back splash around kitchen.
5. Once basement update mostly complete, install remaining bedroom carpet in stairs {finally get rid of the ugly red carpet}.
6. Find an area rug for the living room {seems simple enough but hard to find!}.

As always, stay tuned...