April 18, 2015

King Size Curtains

My living room window is over 13 feet long so it takes a lot of fabric to cover it properly. For my first home in Gatineau, Quebec, I had these curtains seen here which suited my decor perfectly.

When we moved into our first home in Kapuskasing, I actually purchased two more sets of those curtains in order to achieve the right amount of fullness and coverage. And for a while, I liked the window arrangement very much.

Then, I repainted the living room after removing the wallpaper, and I created a bright and happy gallery wall. Suddenly, my curtains felt drab and dark and like they no longer belonged...

I longed for something more bright and fresh so started shopping around for some plain white curtains or maybe wide stripe curtains. I was then inspired by Pinterest and a pin about using flat bed sheets to make curtains. I thought it was worth a shot.

I picked up two crisp white king size flat bed sheets at Wal-Mart and got to work. I started by washing them. I then began the long task of ironing them. I was planning on using them length wise so the top edge with the wider hem detail, which would go to the head of the bed, would be where I hung them from. At the other end, I simply folded the sheet to my desired length, and used fusible web to glue it in place. Voilà!

To hang, at first I was thinking of using curtain loops with clips but when I tried it, it didn't give the effect I was looking for. I decided to try just cutting a slit at both ends in the top hem and slipping my pole through for a rod pocket finish... and it was perfect!

The crisp and fresh white of the curtains really brightened the whole space and made it feel less stuffy and formal. I donated the old curtains to family members so they weren't a total waste. I am really trying to step away from the browns and blues in this space. If you recall floor plans from a while ago, I am hoping to recover the couches in a lighter white or grey fabric and want to add a few accent furniture pieces.
Oh and let me introduce you to my new television unit... I bought this for 15$ at a hay day sale and repainted the bottom portion in bright white. I also swapped out the hardware for crystal knobs. It went from this:

To this:

I just recently changed my space layout to accommodate the unit on the gallery wall to really make that wall the primary focal point. I had to rejig the frames a bit to make sure everything looked balanced. I just love the look of the space now!

Now if I can just get rid of the legos and toys that are constantly in this space...