April 11, 2015

Office of my dreams

As I launch my new interior decorating and home staging business, my first task at hand is planning an appropriate area in my home where I can work in peace if need be. Currently I sit at the end of my dining room table in a very uncomfortable chair... not ideal at all.
My boys started sharing a room just before Christmas and they keep asking for a bunk bed which to me indicates they are together for a while to come. At least until Nico gets too old and wants to move to the basement. When they moved together, Luca's room when from looking like this:
To looking like this:
The crib moved out... and an old TV bench with baskets for storage moved in. My nursery became the toy room.
Unfortunately, it rarely looks like this which to me feels like a daily stress every time I walk passed that room. Jon and I both agree that all toys should be moved to the basement which is currently not somewhere we go daily.
I begged him to let me turn the space into an office and he sort of agreed. Next came my favorite part: inspiration boards!
I always start by choosing a fabric as my jumping off point. From the fabric will come the colors and tones for the entire space. It is much easier to match a paint to fabric than fabric to paint... believe me, I learned that lesson the hard way. So, here are two inspiration boards I came up with.
The first , the pink and gold room, is definitely warmer and has the on-trend look of gold furniture and accessories:
The second, the blue and green room, which is cooler and more calm, has my classic love of blues and greens which are pretty much all over my main floor:
The two fabric choices from Tonic Living are ones that I have admired for a long time and hoped to eventually use in my house. I am tempted to go with the pink and gold room simply for its warmth and step away from my usual blue and green choices Plus, and this is a bonus, the current creamy yellow paint would work, as would the curtains. I would just have to repaint the striped wall with the paint I have leftover, and move in. I also think the pink and gold room is oh-so girly and as this will primarily be my office space, it is sort of nice to personalise it to my liking.
The blue and green room on the other hand, is so relaxing and I love the drawing table and chair I found with their touches of warm wood. Plus you can't go wrong with polka dots and chevron accent pillows for the computer and guest chairs! The room would be painted a either a shade of white or pale grey to match the primary fabric.
In both cases the main fabric choice would be sewed to the bottom of the existing curtains seeing as a) they are brand new and b) they match for both inspiration boards. So I am ordering a swatch of each fabric and will go from there
What to do...