May 15, 2015

And the winning inspiration board is...

So, I received my fabric swatches for my new business office, and to my surprise, the blue and green inspiration board won!

It turns out the creamy background of the fabric is almost identical to the creamy paint color I have on the walls {and was hoping to keep}, called Avocado Mousse by Sico. 
Gazebo, Cloud

Plus, the bright green matches the curtains I currently have in the space which are brand new! I would rather use what I have and like, than to replace it for no reason.

I have already painted the striped wall to match the rest of the room. Poor Luca was wondering what was happening to his room! But he and Nico have been sharing a room for months now. I have ordered and received the above fabric and have added a section to the bottom of my curtains.

I absolutely love the look and the splash of print and color. But I am not ready to quit my day job to become a seamstress full time!

I ordered enough fabric to cover a bulletin board {either magnetic or cork board} for the wall opposite the window, which is my next project for the space.

I will also be working on DIY artwork using the blues and greys to balance out the amount of green that will be going on in the space. You may remember I had inserted a few inspirations of artwork in my board:

I have already added a slipcover to my computer chair. It is meant for parsons chairs but is stretchy so it works just fine! I ordered it in grey and will add a pillow eventually to add a bit more interest and color.

For storage, I am planning on getting some sort of bookcase from IKEA:
KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA You can use the furniture as a room divider because it looks good from every angle.
Or something like this:
BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase IKEA Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs.
It has to be able to accommodate a printer so I will be keeping that in mind when making my selection. That will fill the wall where the stripes used to be.

I am excited to see the space develop! Hopefully Luca will not decide he wants his room back...