May 4, 2015

Blue and green never to be seen except in the washing machine!

Does anyone remember that saying? That is no longer true as I have paired those colors in every which way possible, from laundry to decor to wardrobe!

If you know me at all, you know a thing I love to do is make inspiration boards! Since we have been working on the basement, a laundry room update is just around the corner...

When we bought our house, we purchased a pair of lovely red washer and dryer. My color scheme for this space therefore became aqua, red, grey with a hint of lime green {ah ha! now you get my title!}

For now, my laundry room currently looks like this... drab and boring, except for the pop of the machines.

Our plan for this space is to close off that door to allow for a whole wall of large plastic bin storage. Obviously the paneling would be replaced by new drywall and to finish off, new casing and trim. For the floor, I would prefer something comfy and warm underfoot, like linoleum which is also easy to clean, but I would also like the more expensive Duraceramic which we have in our kitchen and I absolutely LOVE!

Call me crazy {ok Crazy!} but I have always wanted a finished laundry area. To me it would make the whole boring chore that much more pleasing and enjoyable. And why not paint the room a bright aqua to really liven it up?

Here are some inspiration pics of the type of laundry room I dream of {all from Pinterest}.

At one point, I really wanted to remove the window in this space cause it always creeps me out to be down there at night. But... if I do that, I won't have any space to hang the only fabric in the space {from Tonic Living} called Mini Chevron Fresh which will tie it all together! 

And, let's face it, no one wants a dark laundry room. So the window will stay but will be replaced with one that cannot open.

Without further ado, or too much unnecessary chatter, here is my inspiration board for this space.

I think it is fun, fresh, youthful and most definitely NOT boring!