May 27, 2015

Table centerpieces

My mother-in-law has a gorgeous farmhouse style table that is nice and long. With a narrow and long table often comes the challenge of "what do I use as a centerpiece that won't look out of place". As I also have a long and narrow table {it measures 42" by 90"} that is also in a farmhouse style, I figured I would experiment with different centerpieces and take you along for the ride!

For most of my looks, I feature artificial flowers and a mix of things I have around my home to show how easy it is to pull a few things together to make a more complete look. A rule of thumb is to always make groupings in odd numbers. Three is better than two, and five is better than four, etc.
My first option is what I currently had on my table. A large platter with a vase full of not-so-fresh artificial flowers, a smaller glass jar with a flower and a small apple green lantern. The decorated platter is laid over a long apple green table runner. 

My second option features the same table runner and vase with flowers, but this time with a simple decanter and mason jar.

The third option features three place mats in a row in alternating colors, with hydrangeas in the decanter, green calla lilies {this used to be my wedding bouquet} in a mason jar and a small mercury glass vase.

A fourth look shows-off a basket of flowers in different containers. The basket sits on a simple white dish cloth.

In fifth place, I show a different kind of runner: three round place mats in a row with a simple vase of flowers on the center place mat.

A classic look in sixth place is a tray which holds a blue pitcher, napkin holder with matching napkins, and a small jar with large faux flower.

It is always nice to have a taller item and to have varying heights thereafter, as is shown in option number eight.

Finally a last look features the alternating color place mats, the calla lily vase, the mercury glass vase and an actual real plant!

After playing around with these, I decided to stick to this look:

Hope this inspires you to try some centerpieces of your own.