June 21, 2015

My kind of gardening

Unlike my mother, I do not have the greenest of thumbs. I do not wish to plant and care for annuals every spring and summer, and I even want my perennials to be easy to care for. Having said that, I still want my yard and home to look good.

My garden and home preparation this year was done over the course of one weekend. I started by adding some earth to my garden as it had some emptier spots where I had removed unwanted plants last fall.

I then added a lovely and thick layer of red cedar mulch {gosh the smell of cedar is amazing!}. As I had already planted shrubs and hostas last year, I didn't have to do any other planting for my little garden, and other than having to remove a few unwanted stragglers from last year, my garden was pretty much ready.

To add a bit more interest and greenery for curb appeal, I picked up to gorgeous Boston ferns in hanging planters and hung them on opposite sides of my garage door. I also picked up a Boxwood evergreen to plant in an existing and empty planter box beside my front door.

Something I have wanted to do since we bought the house 3 years ago was to remove the brown screen door, and I finally did it! Boy does it look good! I love my painted door even more without that ugly screen door taking away from it.

Finally, I replaced the brass light fixture beside the breezeway door to a nice matte black fixture which looks much better with my dark oil rubbed bronze accessories.

All that is left to do now is touch up the paint on the front door where the screen door left its mark, and either repaint or replace the garage door for a beautiful white finish.

The other day while admiring a home, I was trying to figure out what made their front door stand out and look so beautiful. I realized that they added decorative trim and a substantial header to the door. So that is now part of my wish list to do the same {maybe just a header} for the front door, and maybe even the side door and garage door.

A funny thing: when I hung my beautiful Boston ferns, I realized the house number was now hidden by one of them. I quickly ordered a decal from Etsy.com for my front door that reads our street address.

I love it! I think it adds that perfect personal touch to the front entrance. I also added a bright area rug, which is meant for indoor use but for 11$, if it gets damaged by the weather, I won't cry too much.

The front of our home now looks presentable to me and has just the right amount of curb appeal.