June 6, 2015

Two peas in a pod

My sons absolutely adore each other. 

So much so that in the last 6 months or so, they have been sharing a bed... well it is more like two beds. You see, a while back, my kids had the brilliant idea to move Luca's crib into Nico's room. Jon and I agreed because Nico is a bit of a scardy cat and won't sleep in his bed all night by himself. Well, not only did we move Luca's crib {day bed} into Nico's room, they pushed their bed/crib together and have been sleeping that way since December. They even fight over who gets to sleep in "the crack" between the beds.

More recently, we thought of bringing in a queen bed that is currently unused due to our basement renovations. We started taking apart Luca's crib and he just lost it! He was not ready to part with his crib at all. Even after we explained to him that we were giving his crib to his little cousin Seb to sleep at the cottage, he wanted nothing of it. He even insisted that we put the full side rail back on his crib! Poor kid!

About a week later, I asked him again if he wanted to give his crib to Seb, and this time he said yes. I asked him again to be sure and he agreed. I guess he just needed that warning! So I did not wait one second and we started taking the crib and captain bed apart. A few hours later, we had the queen sized bed installed in the boys' room and they were asleep in it together.

Which takes me to my project… The room is really Nico’s room so has a lot of pictures of him and projects that he made on display. Since the wall above the bed is bare, I decided to create a gallery wall of a combination of Luca and Nico stuff. I started by laying out my selected grouping on the floor until I was satisfied with the look. Starting from the center and working your way outward is definitely the easiest.

The collection includes each of the following for each child: an ultrasound picture, a baby picture, an older picture, a birth announcement, and a piece of artwork {for Luca it is his first drawing in a frame, and Nico is a collection of small canvases he painted}. Everything surrounds an art piece given to Nico by his late great-grand-mother, Maman Estelle, which really ties all the colors together. A few other random pieces I chose because I really like them! For example the "What would Spider Man do?" poster I had DIY-ed for Nico.

Here is the final grouping:

Not too serious but not too casual that it looks disorganized. It makes the space very personal for both kids.

As a headboard, I was going to recover Luca's crib mattress with Nico's old duvet cover. But Nico made a good point: because he has a twin sized quilt and a twin sized duvet, if he EVER gets a bunk bed, he will need both {smart kid} so he didn't want me to cut up his duvet cover.

As an alternative, I chose to buy a curtain rod and simply lay the duvet over the rod. That way, it is still usable in the event that we do get a bunk bed down the line.

Finally, in an effort to provide a bit more display room, I chose to hang two shelves that my dad made for me ions ago above the Nico's dresser. 

I am beginning my hunt for a night stand for the fan and clock, two necessities in my family! I would like to find one in the same wood tone as the shelves to tie the two together. I still need a bed skirt and more than likely a bedspread as the white knit blanket looks a little sad... and finally a few more pillows should complete the look.

Overall , the look achieved makes the room feel "on purpose" as opposed to "in the mean time".

We will see how long it lasts until they can't stand each other... the fighting now is over one wanting to cuddle with the other, and the other not wanting to... eesh!