September 22, 2015

High or low?

A while ago, my husband and I were discussing what project we would tackle after the basement was done. I told him I would love to revamp the main washroom upstairs, which is the only room on the main floor that has not been touched. His reply was that washrooms cost $10,000 plus and that it would take a while for us to save up enough cash to undergo such an expensive project.
Really? Does he know who he is talking to? Mrs. El-cheapo herself! So I decided to do some calculating of my own for the products that I want.
The last time I shared pictures of my washroom, it looked something like this:

Which is a little better than what we started with:

Since this last update, I have:
-painted that god-awful purple counter top
-replaced the hardware on the vanity
-replaced the light fixture
-added trim to the door frame
-changed the shower curtain to a crisp white one
-added some fresh towels
-painted the mirror a solid white

What is left to do? Well, I would like to do the following:

-install new tile flooring in the form of this lovely hexagonal polished marble mosaic for a cost of approximately 20$/square foot {this would be my splurge but it will make the space}. Total estimated cost: $1,700

-replace the toilet for a more contemporary one {also eco-friendly with dual flush and much easier to clean the exterior without all those ugly pipe grooves showing underneath}. Total estimated cost: $400
-replace the sink with a sleek new drop-in style that has a classic feel to it. Total estimated cost: $100
-replace the sink faucet with new retro-looking faucet with elongated handles which are easier for kids! Total estimated cost: $75
-replace VERY OLD shallow tub with new soaker tub. Total estimated cost: $350 
Tub surround:
-the existing tub surround is in good shape but we would have to remove it to access the plumbing that needs some fixing. This one has a nice tile look to it. Total estimated cost: $450

I want to find an old second-hand dresser and make it into a vanity. There are some examples below to give you an idea. I would spray paint it glossy white using car paint for that extra sheen and protection. Total estimate cost: $100

I would add 10% of my total cost for contingency, which would bring my total estimate to.....
{drum roll please}.... $3,500! A far cry from $10,000!
Can't wait to revamp this space! I don't know why I hadn't considered touching it when we first bought our house and renovated the rest of the main floor... what was I thinking? I guess I thought it was in good condition!