September 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Café Sign

One of the first projects I completed for my blog in 2011 was a rustic sign for my kitchen that read "Café 5¢". It still adorns the top of my open shelving cabinet in the kitchen.

At the time, we had just replaced the floor in our kitchen, and I had kept some of the scrap pieces of wood. The project required things that I already had on hand so the cost was close to nothing. I assembled my sign, sanded it, painted it, sanded it again and voilà! An easy 30-minute project with a lot of impact.

This is it then:

And here it is now:

Click here to read that full blog post circa 2011!

September 27, 2016

Basement Progress

We started demolition in the basement in the fall of 2013. Although it has seen much progress since then, it is still not finished.

Here it is when we purchased it and how it is today {pardon the mess, my kids live in this space!}:

{That's a window yet to be installed on the floor!} 

Guest bedroom - now the junk room...too embarrassing to show!

My inspiration board has changed several times in the process... 

From this:

To this:

To this:

And finally to this:

And I am still thinking of changing it! You see, when the swatch of fabric came in for the final inspiration board, the yellow was actually more apple green. You think I would have been ecstatic seeing as it is my absolute favorite color. But I promised Jon I would not decorate another space with turquoise and apple green... so I had to forget that fabric in order to use my navy and yellow color scheme. To date I have purchased wide-striped navy and white curtains for the windows, and I love them. We have also painted a navy accent wall in the living space, and we have purchased and installed the two black hanging pendant lights {shown in the inspiration board above} over the bar. I am still thinking of adding red accents instead of yellow with the navy, however I am afraid that Jon would get teased about the Montreal Canadians color scheme {blue, red and white}, being that his favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs! I also still love the gold touches with mirror and garden stool in that board being available at Wal-Mart. So until I am actually purchasing the accessories in a specific color, I think I will still be uncertain.

The floor plan has changed a bit as well. 

From this original floor plan:
 To this new plan:

To this final plan which has been followed to date:

The major changes between the two designs are the placement of the closet in the guest bedroom, and the addition of the built in closet in the play area.

Today, here is what we have left to finish in the entire basement:
-install the 4th window in the living space {we have the window, it just needs to be installed}
-fill two windows {one in the current furnace room and one in the living space which has already be covered with drywall, it now needs to be filled from the outside}.
-replace carpet in stairs {which is still the ugly blood-red carpet}
-install all flooring over sub-floor
-install baseboards, trims, casings and doors
-renovate washroom and replace all plumbing for both washrooms
-renovate guest bedroom
-add finishing touches {curtains, accessories and furniture}.

This is my never-ending project, and seeing that we are getting to the expensive part of flooring and finishes, it may take a while to actually finish even just the main space {and we could do the washroom and guest room in a year or two}. My dream/hope/goal was to have the main "L" shape {phase 1} completed by the Christmas holidays, but the more time passes, the farther that goal gets. So, again, we will see...

September 24, 2016

Updating the exterior

Earlier this year, we decided to upgrade our garage door to a crisp white one, with window inserts to match the other windows in our home. 

Since then, I have felt that the house exterior may need a bit of sprucing up to match the beautiful new door. And what better way to spiffy up a home exterior than with paint, especially since the siding on the front of my house is painted wood.

I love the stone work on the bottom portion, but the siding could use a little TLC. Here are some color schemes I am considering to match the stone.

With Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore:

With Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore to play off the complimentary green:

With Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore:

With Windham Cream by Benjamin Moore:

I think my favorite out of all of these is the navy blue!
Another thing that could really add something special to the exterior of the house is adding trim and molding to the doors. I love a heavier header and this could be done on all the front windows, doors and the garage door.

Eventually, I would also love to rebuild the front steps and possibly include a little deck. 

I am loving these ideas from Pinterest:

I could run a deck below the two front bedroom windows like this.

I wouldn't do the little roof, but I love the style of the stairs and columns.

I think this is my favorite! It allows room for a few chairs and I love the planter boxes!

I also love the look of glass panels and this style of railing.

The painting of the siding may be a great fall project. We will see... Jon is away for a week for hunting and I do like to surprise him with a few projects while he is away... he he he!

September 17, 2016

Earring organizer

For years now, my earring collection has been organized using a craft tray in my tooth brush drawer in the washroom. Although it is in a convenient location, it does not allow me to really see my full collection of hanging earrings without having to dig through the little boxes. I have been pinning different organizers for some time now...

 I recently went to a friend's house and saw the organizer she had made out of an old frame and metal screen, and told her how much I loved it! Lucky for me, she had another old frame lying around just waiting to be turned into something beautiful! I excitedly accepted the gift and started searching for the perfect color and insert.

Now, in a small town like Kapuskasing, our craft selections are limited. We basically have a small Wal-Mart which doesn't contain nearly enough craft supplies for a girl like me. I was, however, able to find this lovely chalk paint color in a spray form by Rustoleum:
I then turned to to find the perfect metal screening. I simply typed "aluminum sheet" in the search engine and the first product was exactly what I wanted!

So with my supplies in tow, I started my easy project. My first step was to spray paint several thin coats onto the frame, which I did over a few days to really let each coat cure.

Then came the time to attach my screen. At first, I was planning on using my staple gun, but at second glance, it would have been too difficult to set the staple at the perfect spot. So I went to the basement in search of the smallest screws I could find, and was able to find some 1/4" long screws with a flat head which I thought would have worked perfectly. I took a pair of metal cutting shears and trimmed my sheet down. I then started screwing the screen in place. Then... {warning! total fail incoming!} I flipped my frame over only to see that my 4 screws had pierced right through the thin wood! OH NO! I quickly unscrewed them, and home that it would show too much once completed. On to Option two: I turned to my trusty hot glue gun, and glued the screen in a few different areas.

Once in place and the earrings hung, you barely notice the four little holes {so disappointed!} 

I love my little jewelry corner! I would love to add a little shelf and maybe a jewelry tree for my rings. But in the mean time, this is pretty sweet!

September 10, 2016

Decorating stuff I am drooling over

Whether I am watching HGTV, flipping through Style At Home magazine, or browsing Pinterest, I am always attracted to the same things lately. Here are my current decor obsessions.

Hexagon marble tile:

I cannot get enough of this classic beauty! I will eventually use it in my house, more than likely as the floor in my master bath, as you can see here from my inspiration board from 2013:

It also looks great when used in these different ways:

In the shower:
Chevron floor patterns
I would LOVE to use this trend in my own home, like in the basement washroom, or even the basement bar area. There is something so unique and at the same time so classic about a chevron (also known as herringbone) pattern.

What I love about this pattern is it can be made using many different materials and products: ceramic tile, marble tile, hardwood, vinyl tiles, etc. I was recently able to implement this pattern in a client's home using brick-looking tile to achieve this look:

Classic paint colors
Historic and classic paint colors are mostly muted and have everlasting qualities. A collection I look to is the new Joanna Gaines collection, which includes a variety of tones.

Crystal from The Weathered Fox blog was nice enough to share the color matches to Benjamin Moore, however it is the American BM, so not all colors can be found in Canadian store swatches. My faves are (with Benjamin Moore names);

Rose gold for the home
This trend has been going on for about a year, and although I have yet to incorporate it into my home, I absolutely love the warmth of rose gold accessories:

Basket from Indigo:

Curtain hanging hardware from Bed Bath and Beyond:

Vase / candle holder from Save On Crafts:

Umbra brand wall vase from
Although I also love other rose gold items such as light fixtures and cabinet hardware, I would recommend sticking to less permanent uses.

Refinished furniture
I can't get enough of refinished furniture. My house, unfortunately has run out of room for extra furniture pieces right now. To date, I have completed this entertainment unit which is currently in my living room:

From this:

I have also previously refinished an armoire which currently houses the TV in my bedroom:

From this:

To this:

And before that, I had finished a solid wood desk. From this:

To this:

As you may remember from a previous post, I have been hunting for an old dresser or side board to repurpose into a vanity for my main washroom. Something like this is what I have in mind:

White kitchens
Beautiful and crisp white kitchens are also part of my obsessions. I think the look is super classic and will never go out of style. Here are some of my faves that you can find on my Pinterest board called "House & Home":

Classic with a marble beveled subway tile back splash.

A bit farmhouse looking with the apron sink and the bead board back splash.

I always love a clean white subway tile back splash, plus love that stainless steal apron sink!

How about a two-toned charcoal and white kitchen? Love!

And of course who can say no to a hint of bright color to make it a little less serious.

Apple green
Forever and always my favorite color, I love it so much that it was part of the theme for my wedding:



Shoe bling:

And bridesmaid dresses:

I also use it not-so-sparingly at home:

And now I want to use it at the cottage!
Finally, probably my most favorite is I have only purchased from them once, which was my navy and white striped curtains in the basement (stay tuned for a basement semi-reveal post soon!) and the service, shipping, and quality of the product were all great! I peruse the iphone app at least 3-4 times a week. You can literally find anything for your home. You can also create idea boards to save items that you don't want to forget.

Some of my favorite items for my basement are the Jayceon sectional sofa:

What about these light fixtures:

Absolutely love, love, love! I could keep sharing items from all day, but I will let you have fun with browsing.

So that's a glimpse into what I am loving for home decor lately. What are some of your faves?