September 27, 2016

Basement Progress

We started demolition in the basement in the fall of 2013. Although it has seen much progress since then, it is still not finished.

Here it is when we purchased it and how it is today {pardon the mess, my kids live in this space!}:

{That's a window yet to be installed on the floor!} 

Guest bedroom - now the junk room...too embarrassing to show!

My inspiration board has changed several times in the process... 

From this:

To this:

To this:

And finally to this:

And I am still thinking of changing it! You see, when the swatch of fabric came in for the final inspiration board, the yellow was actually more apple green. You think I would have been ecstatic seeing as it is my absolute favorite color. But I promised Jon I would not decorate another space with turquoise and apple green... so I had to forget that fabric in order to use my navy and yellow color scheme. To date I have purchased wide-striped navy and white curtains for the windows, and I love them. We have also painted a navy accent wall in the living space, and we have purchased and installed the two black hanging pendant lights {shown in the inspiration board above} over the bar. I am still thinking of adding red accents instead of yellow with the navy, however I am afraid that Jon would get teased about the Montreal Canadians color scheme {blue, red and white}, being that his favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs! I also still love the gold touches with mirror and garden stool in that board being available at Wal-Mart. So until I am actually purchasing the accessories in a specific color, I think I will still be uncertain.

The floor plan has changed a bit as well. 

From this original floor plan:
 To this new plan:

To this final plan which has been followed to date:

The major changes between the two designs are the placement of the closet in the guest bedroom, and the addition of the built in closet in the play area.

Today, here is what we have left to finish in the entire basement:
-install the 4th window in the living space {we have the window, it just needs to be installed}
-fill two windows {one in the current furnace room and one in the living space which has already be covered with drywall, it now needs to be filled from the outside}.
-replace carpet in stairs {which is still the ugly blood-red carpet}
-install all flooring over sub-floor
-install baseboards, trims, casings and doors
-renovate washroom and replace all plumbing for both washrooms
-renovate guest bedroom
-add finishing touches {curtains, accessories and furniture}.

This is my never-ending project, and seeing that we are getting to the expensive part of flooring and finishes, it may take a while to actually finish even just the main space {and we could do the washroom and guest room in a year or two}. My dream/hope/goal was to have the main "L" shape {phase 1} completed by the Christmas holidays, but the more time passes, the farther that goal gets. So, again, we will see...


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