September 17, 2016

Earring organizer

For years now, my earring collection has been organized using a craft tray in my tooth brush drawer in the washroom. Although it is in a convenient location, it does not allow me to really see my full collection of hanging earrings without having to dig through the little boxes. I have been pinning different organizers for some time now...

 I recently went to a friend's house and saw the organizer she had made out of an old frame and metal screen, and told her how much I loved it! Lucky for me, she had another old frame lying around just waiting to be turned into something beautiful! I excitedly accepted the gift and started searching for the perfect color and insert.

Now, in a small town like Kapuskasing, our craft selections are limited. We basically have a small Wal-Mart which doesn't contain nearly enough craft supplies for a girl like me. I was, however, able to find this lovely chalk paint color in a spray form by Rustoleum:
I then turned to to find the perfect metal screening. I simply typed "aluminum sheet" in the search engine and the first product was exactly what I wanted!

So with my supplies in tow, I started my easy project. My first step was to spray paint several thin coats onto the frame, which I did over a few days to really let each coat cure.

Then came the time to attach my screen. At first, I was planning on using my staple gun, but at second glance, it would have been too difficult to set the staple at the perfect spot. So I went to the basement in search of the smallest screws I could find, and was able to find some 1/4" long screws with a flat head which I thought would have worked perfectly. I took a pair of metal cutting shears and trimmed my sheet down. I then started screwing the screen in place. Then... {warning! total fail incoming!} I flipped my frame over only to see that my 4 screws had pierced right through the thin wood! OH NO! I quickly unscrewed them, and home that it would show too much once completed. On to Option two: I turned to my trusty hot glue gun, and glued the screen in a few different areas.

Once in place and the earrings hung, you barely notice the four little holes {so disappointed!} 

I love my little jewelry corner! I would love to add a little shelf and maybe a jewelry tree for my rings. But in the mean time, this is pretty sweet!