September 3, 2016

My decorating basics

A dear friend of mine, Sarah Traviss-Burt, asked me to speak at her Mother's Day Evening this year. For the occasion, I put together a little PowerPoint presentation of what I feel are the basics of interior decorating.

You can view the PowerPoint here on my business website (, or just keep reading! Some of this info answers the questions that I receive most often from clients.

First of all, let's chat about the color wheel for a second. Everyone has seen the color wheel at one point or another, but do you know the different definitions of color?

Below are the different definitions of color: primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary colors are natural colors. You obtain the secondary colors by mixing the primary colors that are side by side in the color wheel. You can then obtain the tertiary colors by further mixing the secondary colors that are side by side.

Using the color wheel can help you select different color schemes. For example, an analogous color scheme includes colors that are side by side on the color wheel.

A complementary color scheme involves colors that are across one another on the wheel.

Another topic that I find interesting is the different meanings of colors and what mood or effect a color can create in a space. Read on...

Next are my go-to rules for decorating a space. One that I find people often get wrong is at what height to hang items on a wall. The number to remember is 57" on center.

Another rule of thumb is the rule of three. Items presented in a grouping of three are more pleasing to the eye. This applies to everything from light fixtures, to colors in a color scheme, to artwork, to objects on a table. Three is always better than one or two! And if you have more than three, stick to an odd number.

When hanging curtains, your rod should only be a few inches from the ceiling. Hanging curtains from floor to ceiling adds visual height to a space. If you have a smaller window, consider hanging the curtains so they fall an extra 10" to 12" on either side of the window. It will make the window appear larger.

Then I have general rules that I always follow which are outlined below.

Here are some of the current trends that are going on right now. The first is the color of the year according to Benjamin Moore, which is called Simply White, a warm creamy white tone. 

A second trend is gallery walls which is a grouping of items hung together on the wall to achieve a "gallery" look.

Finally, another trend involves refinishing as well as re-purposing furniture.

Then my presentation shows off the most popular decorating styles.

Transitional is by-far my favorite style, but I am also really loving the farmhouse touches, especially as seen on the show "Fixer Upper".

So that's it! Those are some basics about interior decorating. I hope they can help you in your decorating adventures!