September 24, 2016

Updating the exterior

Earlier this year, we decided to upgrade our garage door to a crisp white one, with window inserts to match the other windows in our home. 

Since then, I have felt that the house exterior may need a bit of sprucing up to match the beautiful new door. And what better way to spiffy up a home exterior than with paint, especially since the siding on the front of my house is painted wood.

I love the stone work on the bottom portion, but the siding could use a little TLC. Here are some color schemes I am considering to match the stone.

With Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore:

With Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore to play off the complimentary green:

With Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore:

With Windham Cream by Benjamin Moore:

I think my favorite out of all of these is the navy blue!
Another thing that could really add something special to the exterior of the house is adding trim and molding to the doors. I love a heavier header and this could be done on all the front windows, doors and the garage door.

Eventually, I would also love to rebuild the front steps and possibly include a little deck. 

I am loving these ideas from Pinterest:

I could run a deck below the two front bedroom windows like this.

I wouldn't do the little roof, but I love the style of the stairs and columns.

I think this is my favorite! It allows room for a few chairs and I love the planter boxes!

I also love the look of glass panels and this style of railing.

The painting of the siding may be a great fall project. We will see... Jon is away for a week for hunting and I do like to surprise him with a few projects while he is away... he he he!