October 26, 2016

Growing out my pixie cut

I don't normally write about things like fashion and beauty, but I have found that giving advice on such topics is kind of fun.

For the last couple of years, I have kept my hair fairly short.In fact, since Luca was born in 2011, I have found that I kept going shorter and shorter. Well, this summer, I had asked my stylist to cut it all off for the warmer months, and I am glad I did. It was awesome to just add a bobby pin to pull my little bangs back, or throw on a wrap head band to pull everything away from my face. It was a stress-free no-hassle hair-styling summer.

However, I have always longed to have long, shoulder length hair, to be able to pull it back into a pony or a top-knot {which I love and have never been able to do!} but am never patient enough to let it grow. This time I am determined. But how do you get through the awkward pixie-cut growing-out stages? Simple: with a lot of hair products, a bit of imagination, some frustration at times, and a lot of patience.

This is from fall 2015 {loved this haircut, would go back in a heart beat!}:

This is from August for our 6-year wedding anniversary this summer:

And this is this fall:

Hairstyle 1: a bit of flare.

Hairstyle 2: pull back with bobby-pins.

Hairstyle 3: braid on the one side and tucked behind the ears.

Hairstyle 4: the headband! This one I find can be hit or miss. It depends on how clean my hair is. I find the dirtier my hair, the better! Ha ha ha!

{FYI-I hate taking selfies and only did it for this purpose!}

My favorite tools and accessories? Most were purchased either at Shoppers Drug Mart or Wal-Mart {unless otherwise stated}!

Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Volumizing Mousse by John Frieda:

A mini 1/2" flat iron from Revlon:

Playful Pommade from Got2b:

Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray:

Bobby Pins {of course}:

Wrap Headbands {my best friends this summer} I got mine at Claire's:

Summer hat:

Fall and Winter corduroy hat {this one is from Ricki's}:

I also took inspiration from this awesome video, as well as Pinterest of course!
By Christmas, I am hoping to be back to where I was in Fall 2015, and just keep growing from there. My hair grows close to 1" per month, so I figure if I am patient and keep struggling through the different stages, I should be able to make a pony-tail by Fall 2017 ?!? Or is that just wishful thinking!

I will get regular trims, especially in the back, to avoid "the mullet" look! But I am definitely on my way to longer hair.