October 1, 2016

Powder Room Belated Update

Last year sometime, when I had sort of taken a break from blogging, I decided to repaint my powder room. Here are my reasons why: 

1) The coral pink was a bit too feminine for a washroom that is mostly used by my husband and guests.

2) There were repairs that were made to some areas on the walls that needed to be repainted, and I had zero coral paint left.

3) I had ruined the paint finish on the wall below the window when trying to clean it.

So although I loved some aspects of this tiny space, like the beautiful watermelon and tangerine faux-roman blind that my mother made...

And the DIY artwork on the wall...

I had no choice but to repaint the space. I opted to use the greige {grey-beige} color which I had leftover from the kitchen, and I decided to go with black and peacock colored accents. Here is the finished space:

That curtain is actually a shower curtain. We always felt that it was weird to have a curtain we couldn't close... you kind of feel exposed! So I opted to keep it the full length of the window. It always remains closed for privacy! A lot of light filters through so the space is not dark even with the curtain drawn.

It is so tiny that it is very difficult to photograph, but you get the general idea. I do find that since changing the color scheme, the space fits in a little better with the rest of the home's color palette. Eventually we will need to replace the toilet and sink as they are original and starting to show their age, but for now, that space is done.


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