November 9, 2016

Task chart for kids

I created a responsibility chart for my kids to help them remember to do certain things every day as well as show them to be responsible for these tasks. At the end of the day, they each take their dry-erase chart and their own dry-erase markers, and they check-off each task that they accomplished that day. At the end of the week {which runs Sunday to Saturday} if they have missed more than 7 check marks, they do not receive their allowance for the week.

Now some of these tasks are very basic like brushing your teeth and listening to Maman and Papa. Other tasks are more challenging like making their bed every morning {yes that is a challenge for my kids!} and picking up their things around the house. Some tasks I only ask that they do on weekends, like cleaning their room.

Here is the chart I created which is in French, but I will provide an English version as well as a blank version for you to print.

I printed one for each son and laminated them so that we could use dry-erase markers. They each have their own clipboard with their chart, and two double-sided magnetic dry-erase markers each {so 4 colors each which Luca just loves cause he makes his check marks multi-color}.

Is this working you may ask? So far, so good. I think there is one day that I forgot to do the check marks, so we did them the following night. Are they always truthful? Well... they are kids! Sometimes they try to get away with "Yes I brushed my teeth this morning!" until Jon tells me otherwise {I am never there in the A.M. when they get ready because I work earlier than Jon}.

They really enjoy being involved in the process and they seem to feel a sense of accomplishment every night when they go over their chart and realize they have done everything that was asked of them. As parents, we can also use the "you won't get your check mark if you don't do it" line, which actually works.

Here are the charts again so that you can save them and print them for yourself.

I have heard of parents trying things like this before and how it doesn't last. I just want it to last long enough for my kids to complete these daily tasks automatically. Is that so much to ask? LOL


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