November 2, 2016

Website love!

Just over a year ago, I decided to officially start offering my services as an interior decorator. Before launching my little business, I had to create something where my future clients could obtain all the information about me and my services. I had created a website for my work using, and had absolutely loved the experience. So I thought "why not create one to promote my services?"

I started perusing Wix a little more to find the perfect template with enough personality to suit my own personality and style, and found the perfect one! In fact, I loved the whole scheme of my web page so much that it became my "brand" for my business cards, posters and stationary.

Wix has a wide variety of templates, layouts, plans and many many apps to add to your site. And they make it super simple and user friendly. They even have an AI {Articial Intelligence} tool that will create a website for you based on the information you give it!

Once you select your template and layout, you just use what you have to promote whatever you want. You can include an online store and even a blog! {I already had this blog so I didn't create a new one for my business}. 

Overall, it was super easy! In fact, I enjoyed working with the so much that I think I may add "website creation" to my list of services!

Haven't seen my business website? Check it out at