April 5, 2017

Living room update

The last time I blogged about my living room was to announce that I was removing my beloved gallery wall for something more simple and sophisticated. 

Since then, I have worked on two large canvases in my accent colors to hang on either side of the television unit, but after reworking them several ways, I was not pleased with the final look of the canvases {Boo-hoo #1}. 

A few days ago, I decided to start physically taking down the gallery wall in order to start patching the many holes in my swiss-cheese wall. But as I started taking piece after piece down, I started feeling really emotional... You see, there are many things in this gallery that have very special meaning, and taking them down means I would be putting them away as, let's face it, I don't have enough wall or shelf space to hang or display all these items somewhere else in the house.

For example, I had framed a beautiful doily that was hand-made by my Great-Grand-Mother Hachez. The rose from my Grand-Mother Villeneuve's funeral was inserted into a shadow box and surrounded with a string of beads. And then there are many frames from our wedding like a picture of Jon and I framed with my beloved damask fabric, or a frame with the date of our wedding, or the first words to our first dance song... all of these things are very meaningful. So needless to say, it was saddening me to take everything down {boo-hoo #2}.

Reluctantly, I went downstairs to find my left-over paint, only to realize that I had no left-over paint {boo-hoo #3}, and I have not yet bought the new paint that I want to try {basically because I haven't had time or energy to repaint the entire living room}. And seeing as I did not want to live weeks if not months with an unsightly wall full of patches, boo-hoo #3 led me to hang everything back... Thank goodness I had a picture of the gallery wall on my blog because it was like trying to make a puzzle without the picture on the box.

After all of that, I have chosen to keep the gallery wall for now, which is still very trendy, and instead I will update a few of the photos from my nieces and nephews with more recent photos of my two boys. And my two painted canvases will be tucked away for the time being until I have another crafty moment to rework them.

I have been working on some larger projects for Decor By Mylène, my decorating business, and I look very forward to sharing those befores and afters on my blog!