Our Wedding

We were married on August 6, 2010, a cool Friday evening, in our hometown of Kapuskasing. We were engaged for about ten months during which I thoroughly enjoyed planning the wedding... You might say that this is where my interest for creating my own blog hatched. For our wedding, I had created a wedding web site (www.myleneandjon.weddings.com) which kept me busy, along with DIY-ing most of my wedding paraphernalia {invitations, bouquets, boutonnieres, decorations, bracelet, hair accessory, etc.}. I had enlisted the help of my personal wedding planner (AKA my Mother-in-Law) to do most of the calling and running around since she was in our hometown where we were getting married. Once the wedding was over, I found myself to be, well, quite... bored. What to do now with my spare time? Months later, here it is, my new hobby: A Sister's Home.

Anyhow, I wanted to offer a page where I could share my DIY wedding ideas with all you crafty Sisters who may be planning a wedding of your very own.

To start, here is a list of my TIPS for any Bride:

Mylène’s TIPS for BRIDES!

-Keep a note pad with you at all times {I had one in my purse and another one by my bed} to write down all your ideas.

-Do not settle for anything {the dress, the decor, etc.}. If you do, you WILL regret it. You only get to do this once, so do it right. In my case, I almost settled for a 200$ dress on e-bay. The dress was beautiful, but did nothing for my body. Plus, it was MUCH cheaper than the dress I actually wanted which I had tried and loved. A wise ex-bride told me that I would never regret spending a lot on my dress because it was exactly what I wanted. She was right. To me, the dress makes the bride and makes the day!

-Know what you want and stick to it. Even when describing some of my ideas to people, their reactions were not always positive, but I stuck to my ideas.

-Decide on a theme and color scheme before buying or ordering anything. For me, I wanted the look to be cohesive throughout the day. I wanted my invitations to relate to my decor and my dress to my jewellery… And many people noticed these details.

-Do It Yourself. Can’t find what you want? Search the Internet on how to do it yourself. I made my own bouquets, boutonnieres, invitations, pew/table decorations, etc. and you can save a lot of money this way.

My bouquets and the girls bouquets:


Invitations, decorations, custom label on favors:

Sand ceremony vases:

Table decoration {mind you, this is not too pretty, it was still being set-up}:

Cupcakes wrappers:

And cake topper {notice that the decoration on each tier matches my shoes [see below]}:

-BUY LOCALLY!  I learned this from experience by ordering a lot of stuff online and paying TOO much for shipping. However, {and this is my next tip}…

-Whatever happens, happens! Don’t stress over it. If it cannot be undone, then consider it a loss and move on.

-Ask for help! I had my own personal wedding planner {my Mother-in-law} and she did most of the running around and calling, etc. for me. This was especially helpful since I was planning the wedding from a distance, which at times can feel like a full-time job. This is an awesome job for the Maid of Honor or a sister too, especially if they are married so have personal experience.

-Relax and Enjoy! On the day of, relax. By this point, if you were organized, nothing can go wrong. And…

-If something does go wrong, deal with it, move on and don’t let it ruin your day. Take me for example: about an hour before the wedding while taking pictures, I started having an allergic reaction to my dress, in the form of a rash… So, I said “Wow, only I would be allergic to my wedding dress” laughed, took an allergy pill and kept on taking pictures! Freaking out never helps in any case.

-Have a receiving line immediately following the ceremony. I give the credit to my Mother-in-law for that idea. You get to speak with all of your guests, and afterwards, you can take pictures without rushing to go to the reception. And once at the reception, you can enjoy your evening without worrying about who you have and have not spoken to.

-Have a sit down dinner. I chose to have hors d'oeuvres that were served to guests around the hall, but I didn't end up getting any because I moved around so much. I also felt that the evening was way too rushed without a sit down dinner to settle things down for a while. Not having a dinner is my biggest regret.

-Make a wedding website to share with your guests.
This is very fun and can be used after the wedding too! However, if you want your guests to RSVP via the website, make sure to give them the option to also mail their RSVP. Sure, the website RSVP saves you money on RSVP cards, envelopes and stamps; however, not everyone has access to the Internet. It is better etiquette to provide at least the RSVP card and allow them to choose.

-Make checklists of things to do, things to buy, people to call, people to thank, etc. It keeps your planning on track and is SOOOOO fun when you get to check things off!

-Ask family and friends to do some of the important tasks. I’m lucky to have, not only a huge family, but a talented one at that. My brother-in-law was the DJ, my cousin’s wife was our photographer, my cousins and sisters sang at the ceremony, my Dad’s band played at the reception... Which of course means… a lot more cash to spend on the dress! Ha ha ha!

-Add personal touches. To me, this was important as it was a way to differentiate my wedding from every other wedding. Some of my personal touches were about including our son in the ceremony. As the ring bearer, he carried his favourite stuffed animal {Kaloo} which had a chain around his neck with the rings on it, instead of the traditional pillow.

When exchanging our rings, we gave him a chain with a small gold band on it. 

Another example from my wedding is that I bought things then personalized them to match my theme and color scheme. I bought 50$ shoes from Sears and added retro-looking broaches from Wal-Mart to add a bit of color.

I bought a hair comb which was silver with pearls. I removed some of the pearls and hot-glued clear, apple green and black Austrian crystals in their place.


For the complete wedding photos, visit our Picasa album.
Happy Wedding Planning!