Where to start...

To me, an obvious place to start is: why a BLOG? Jon and I were married in August 2010. For our wedding, I created a wedding website {see "Our Wedding"} to share the plans and details relating to our wedding with family and friends. After the wedding was over, I... was... bored... What to do now? I had been so involved in planning every detail of the wedding  and maintaining the wedding website that I was missing all of it and how busy I had been.

Months later, a friend introduced me to Young House Love, a blog that I still follow religiously. From my new-found LOVE of YHL came a feeling of "I love decorating and DIY-ing too" followed by "I love sharing and showing-off my craftiness too" which finally led to my light-bulb moment of "why can't I start a blog of my own?" followed by much excitement of "I CAN start a blog of my very own!"

So here it is. My blog. Where does the title come from, you may ask? Well, I have three sisters, as well as sisters-in-law, and of course I consider my girlfriends to be my sisters too. When I mentioned the blog to a few of them, I asked if they might be interested in guest-posting their decorating and crafty ideas too, whenever they felt like it. Hence, the title. This blog will share my home's journey, but will also be a place for any of my SISTERS' homes' too! Awesome, right?